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For Immediate Release

Culpepper & Terpening Inc. announces the Seventh Annual Taste of St. Lucie

Fort Pierce, FL - (March 16, 2009) - Culpepper & Terpening, Inc. is please to announce that the Seventh Annual Taste of St. Lucie will be held Wednesday, March 25th in historic downtown Fort Pierce, back to its original roots and a hometown, historic flavor. Featuring a tropical theme, this spectacular event is a tasty evening. Live music, a deejay on site and live remotes from some of your favorite radio stations. Proceeds from the event benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program right here in our own community. $40 per person and $70 a couple. To find out more about Taste of St. Lucie, including what restaurants will be represented, along with a super slideshow from last year's event featuring - well, possibly you, please visit www.tasteofstlucie.com For tickets, call (772) 466-8535.

Culpepper and Terpening is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with over three decades of specialization in civil engineering and surveying services on Florida's Treasure Coast. C & T has pioneered the solutions to some of Florida's most unique engineering challenges for both public and private clients. As the region has grown, so has the organization to comprise seven disciplines necessary to further facilitate the Treasure Coasts' Infrastructure needs; Transportation, Utilities, Schools and Institutions, Land Development, Surveying, Construction Engineering Inspection and Finance. Culpepper and Terpening is located at 2980 South 25th Street in Fort Pierce. They may be reached by calling 772-464-3537 or visiting ct-eng.com on the web.

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Information Contact:
Culpepper & Terpening, Inc.
(772) 464-3537